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Dell Latitude 5480 14" Laptop Cpu i5-6440HQ Ram 8GB RAM Hard Drive 256GB SSD 14 Win 10 Grade C

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  • Used (ex-leased or preowned)
  • 1 Months Warranty
  • Battery holds charge
  • Comes with Ac Adaptor
  • Grade C (dead pixels photo actual unit)

Grade A: Grade A notebooks are considered to be in excellent condition. They typically have minimal signs of wear, if any at all. The exterior casing is usually free of scratches, scuffs, or dents. The screen is clean and without any visible defects. Grade A notebooks are fully functional and often appear almost new.

Grade B: Grade B notebooks show some signs of wear but are still in good condition. They may have light scratches or scuffs on the casing, which are usually minor and do not affect the functionality. The screen may have a few small blemishes or scratches that are not very noticeable when the laptop is in use. Grade B notebooks are fully functional and offer reliable performance.

Grade C: Grade C notebooks have noticeable signs of wear and cosmetic imperfections. They may have more significant scratches, scuffs, or dents on the casing. The screen may have visible dead pixels or scratches that can be noticeable during use. Grade C notebooks are still functional but may have reduced performance or cosmetic flaws.