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Power Man IP-AD120A7-2 120W Mini-ITX PSU Computer Power Supply

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The Power Man IP-AD120A7-2 is a 120W Mini-ITX PSU (power supply unit) designed for use with small form factor computers. It features a compact design, measuring 150mm x 81.5mm x 40mm, and includes an 80mm cooling fan to help keep temperatures under control. The IP-AD120A7-2 supports a wide range of input voltages (100-240V AC) and includes various output connectors, including a 20-pin ATX connector, a 4-pin 12V connector, and several SATA and Molex connectors for powering storage drives and other peripherals.
  • Used (Pulled from Working Environment)
  • 3 Months Warranty
  • MB 20 or 24 pin and 4 or 8 pin
  • 1 x Sata